national infertility awareness week

National Infertility Awareness Week 2022

There are many myths and misconceptions about infertility. Some people don’t know or understand what families all over the world go through to have a baby. The goal of National Infertility Awareness Week®, which runs from April 24-30, is to counter those myths and misconceptions with truth.

Since 2010, National Infertility Awareness Week has been a federally recognized health observance by the Department of Health and Human Services. Here at The Fertility Agency, we observe this week through a special perspective — knowing egg donors and surrogates can impact someone’s infertility journey.

Everyone’s road through infertility is unique. Whether it’s multiple miscarriages, cancer, or just being fertility challenged, the end result is the same. And it’s often devastating and isolating.

Advantages of National Infertility Awareness Week

During this special week in April, we encourage you to join forces with us to:

  • Enhance the public’s knowledge and perception of the truth of infertility
  • Ensure and help spread the word so people trying to build a family know where to turn for guidance
  • Educate lawmakers about how their communities are affected by infertility

Infertility can feel isolating, but when the public comes together to offer compassion and spread awareness, those affected by infertility can feel less alone. It’s through mutual understanding that we can comfort and support those who are trying to grow their families.

How a Surrogacy Agency Helps

Spreading knowledge about resources available to Intended Parent(s) is a huge priority for us during National Infertility Awareness Week. Egg donors and surrogates are those resources, and through their selflessness, it’s entirely possible for those affected by infertility to become parents.

Intended Parent(s) who turn to us for an egg donor or surrogate (or both) have usually gone through many challenges related to infertility. They often feel defeated from trying unsuccessfully to build a family. They may have lost hope that they will ever have a baby of their own.

Infertility steals hope. But through egg donors and surrogates, all is not lost. There is hope.

Wear Orange on April 27

The #WearOrange Campaign was created by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. When you rock your orange on April 27, you can join us in helping to promote infertility awareness. As you wear it, keep in mind that orange is a color that represents wellness, passion and warmth.

Together, we can compassionately remind our communities that we stand behind those who face infertility.

Surrogacy and Egg Donor Services

Since 2004, The Fertility Agency has helped bring over 1100+ babies into the world. We work with all Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors no matter their sexual preference, relationship status, ethnicity, location, etc. Our personal experiences and years of expertise provide us with the perfect balance of business and passion. Contact us for more information.

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