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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Finding an Egg Donor

Finding an Egg Donor can be an easy or overwhelming process, but no matter where you fall on this spectrum we want to make it as simple as possible for you.

If you only need access to our database, just fill out a short form and browse away. But we offer so much more than that. We’d like you to take advantage of our complimentary TrueMatch™ system. You can easily set up a consultation with one of our Matching Specialists.

But, for those that like more information before jumping in, here are some guidelines that might help you find your own special Egg Donor.

Who Needs An
Egg Donor?

There is no one “type” of person that needs an Egg Donor, although there are some situations where it may be more obvious.

MEN: This one seems pretty straight forward, gay male couples or single men are genetically at a disadvantage when it comes to egg production.

WOMEN: When there is a woman that is part of the equation, then the reasons can be varied for needing an Egg Donor.

  • Some women need an Egg Donor because they have had an illness where medications affected their ovarian reserve, or possibly her ovaries have been removed or she was not born with functioning ovaries.
  • Other times women have unexplained infertility – their eggs and ovaries look good and even the retrievals and fertilization look good, but there is still no pregnancy.
  • Sometimes women try using their eggs with a Surrogate and there is no pregnancy.
  • And there are circumstances where a woman’s ovaries are no longer functioning properly, or their eggs are no longer viable due to age.

Whether your reason is the more obvious one, or has been a more trying emotional road, we are here to make your journey smooth.

We will hold your hand and guide you throughout  your Egg Donor journey and beyond.

Where Does An Egg Donor Fit Into My Fertility Journey?

If you need an Egg Donor and/or a Gestational Surrogate, you may wonder which comes first, the womb or the egg?

For those using their own uterus, the first step is to meet with a fertility doctor to double-check that you indeed need an Egg Donor. The doctor may also check your hormones and uterus to ensure everything is ready for a healthy pregnancy.

For those who need an egg and a surrogate and are unsure where to start, you have two choices:

  1. Find a clinic, then find an Egg Donor, then select a surrogacy agency.

This is the option to select if you prefer to spread your journey out over time. This can also be helpful if you prefer to pay for your Egg Donor, and then pay your Surrogacy journey, rather than do it all at once.

  1. Select a surrogacy agency, get on their list to match with a Surrogate, then (if you haven’t already) find a clinic and then an Egg Donor.

This is a great option for those who have saved all of the money needed (or are able to access those funds) and want to get started immediately. This will be the fastest road to get you to a baby.

Some Egg Donor agencies (like us) also have Surrogates. This is a great option for people that prefer both under one roof. We are always happy to make clinic referrals, if you need it.

Still not sure where an Egg Donor fits in your journey? Click below and reach out. 

Who Becomes an Egg Donor?

Typically, the young women that reach out to become Egg Donors are kind and giving, educated, accomplished and have a passion for helping others when they realize people are struggling with fertility issues. Besides a huge heart, there are other qualifications we look for in a healthy donor before adding them to our database.

How to Pick an Egg Donor

Like shoes, Egg Donors come in all shapes and sizes – but not everyone is going to be the right fit. In general, there are three different areas that people consider when looking at Egg Donors, and while you probably want all three, in truth, sometimes people end up finding someone that might have a little less in one area but checks all of the boxes in the other.


Looks are not just about how pretty an Egg Donor is, since there is a wide array of what “pretty” means. It might also include height, ethnicity, hair color, etc. It is a very personal choice. We make it easy to locate what you are looking for by offering free access to our database - where you can select your parameters, which then leads you to clear pictures of the Egg Donor and her profile.


Don’t forget, you always have the option for a free consultation so you can talk directly with one of our Matching Specialists who will have previously spoken to/met with the Egg Donor/s, and may even have some video or extra pictures that aren’t in the database. Sometimes there may even be someone new coming in that isn’t even entered into the database yet. It never hurts to ask.

4 Steps To Finding An Egg Donor With Us

We know from our years of experience helping Intended Parents that selecting an Egg Donor can feel overwhelming. Here are a few guidelines for your Egg Donor search:

Before seeing our database you will need to fill out a short form, and that will give you free access to browse Egg Donors profiles and see which ones catch your eye. There are a lot of great women there, so to help you narrow down your choices, when searching our database you can select your preference/s to display the Egg Donors that fit your criteria, i.e., height, hair, or eye color, ethnicities, etc.

It may be a little daunting at first, but you’ll get more confident as you go. And if you’d like a helping hand, one of our True Match™ specialists will always be available to offer expert guidance.

We want to make sure you will be able to easily see the information you may want about your Egg Donor. Each of our screened Egg Donors fills out a comprehensive profile describing her family health history, personality, interests, education, talents, ethnic background, etc. Plus, we have large, clear current photographs of her (and sometimes childhood and family pictures). Her profile will also indicate if she’s had proven fertility (as an Egg Donor and/or as a mother) and what type of communication/contact she is open to. 

Many Intended Parents and Egg Donors want to match with someone that shares their thoughts on future contact. This is something you may want to consider before your final Egg Donor selection.

Here are the most common options: 

  • Anonymous – this means the only information you will have is what is in the profile and nothing more. She will have no information about who you are.
  • Semi-Anonymous – this is an option where you may meet via a video chat that we arrange and facilitate. You get to talk to your Egg Donor, know more about her life, ask any further questions you may have, but you do not exchange any additional contact information to remain in touch. No names need to be revealed if you are not comfortable sharing that information.
  • Open to Future Communication – in this scenario, you are not committing to any ongoing communication but at some point, when your child/ren are older you or they may have additional questions and may want some sort of contact with the Egg Donor. In this case, during the legal phase, arrangements would be made for you to reach out to each other – usually through a third party.
  • Open Communication – this is where you receive each other’s names and contact information and can directly reach out to each other at any time.

If you are unsure of what you are comfortable with, we are more than happy to discuss these options and what the implications for them may be.

When you settle on an Egg Donor that you feel connected to, just let us know, and our staff will confirm that Egg Donor is available on your timetable. Then we will send you all of the fees associated with her Egg Donation and agency paperwork to sign. An Egg Donor Case Manager will be assigned to you and will guide both you and your Egg Donor through all of the steps.

Your match is official, you are on your way! 

The Egg Donor Timeline

We’re sure you’re anxious to get started on your Egg Donor journey. Here’s what a start-to-finish Egg Donor journey might look like:

Before Week 1
  • First off, if you don't already have a fertility clinic, we are happy to make referrals to top clinics that have lots of experience with Egg Donor cycles and high success rates (two things that are very important in choosing a doctor/clinic).
  • Next, get access to our free online Egg Donor database and start searching our beautiful and educated Egg Donors. If you have any specific needs or aren’t certain what qualities in an Egg Donor you are looking for, we recommend you set up a call with one of our TrueMatch™ Specialists, who can help you identify your needs, likes and preferences that will lead to the right Egg Donor for you. In our database, you will not only find photos and detailed information directly from the Egg Donor, but we go beyond just collecting data. When you talk to a TrueMatch™ Specialists, you will get insights from the many conversations we had with her prior to her acceptance into our program.
Weeks 1-5
  • Once you have selected an Egg Donor, you will be assigned an Egg Donor Case Manager, who will offer you and your Egg Donor detailed instructions and assistance during the entire process including all coordination through the egg retrieval and beyond.
  • You will then receive the agency paperwork, and a list of all anticipated agency and Egg Donor fees.
  • Next, you will sign the agency retainer, pay the agency fee, and your Case Manager will assist you with opening an escrow account. These funds will pay for the initial screenings that are required by your clinic i.e., travel, monitoring appointments, psych evaluation, geneticist, etc...
  • Once your paperwork and initial deposits are received, we will schedule your Egg Donor for her initial medical screening with your fertility clinic or possibly her local monitoring physician's office. We will coordinate and oversee all aspects of this trip. We will also help arrange meetings with a licensed therapist to ensure she’s mentally prepared for her egg donation, and with a licensed geneticist to rule out any health concerns or any high-risk areas in her family history that have not come to light until this time.
Weeks 6-10
  • When your Egg Donor’s initial screenings are complete, we will refer you to an attorney that specializes in third-party reproductive law to create a contract that you and your Egg Donor will sign. Once you have approved your contract, your Egg Donor will consult a separate attorney that represents her to review the contract and make sure she understands the agreement. These attorneys' fees are covered by your initial payments to escrow.
  • When all legal paperwork is signed by both parties, your clinic will put together an egg retrieval medical calendar. This will outline the dates where your Egg Donor will start medication, the dosage amounts, monitoring clinic appointments, and finally the egg retrieval date.
  • Your Egg Donor Case Manager will personally handle all of the arrangements for your Egg Donor's appointments and travel (as needed).
  • You are now medically and legally cleared and your Egg Donor is set to begin.
Weeks 10-13
  • Before your Egg Donor starts medications, you will need to fully fund your escrow account with the remainder of the money needed to complete the journey, including the money for her compensation fee. She cannot start medication until this money has been received by the escrow company.
  • Your Egg Donor will go to a monitoring clinic near where she lives to determine if her hormone levels are where your doctor would like them to be. Your Egg Donor will begin daily injectable fertility drugs which will allow her to produce multiple eggs. She will be monitored with ultrasounds and blood work during this time to confirm she is responding to the medications. These results will be reported to your clinic. Medications are usually taken between 9 – 14 days.
  • When your clinic determines that your Egg Donor’s eggs have appropriately matured and are almost ready for the retrieval, she (and her travel companion) will travel to where the clinic is located – this is usually 2 - 10 days before the anticipated retrieval. She will have an appointment at your clinic and be instructed when to take her final injection, approximately 36 hours before the egg retrieval.
  • We will stay in constant contact with her throughout this process to make sure she understands all of her instructions, is able to make all appointments, and is doing her medications properly. We will also keep you updated on how things are progressing.
  • On the designated morning, your Egg Donor will go to your clinic, and her eggs will be retrieved by your fertility doctor and then fertilized by your clinic’s embryologist. In most cases, your embryos are fertilized, then frozen (and at a later date genetically tested). Your clinic will report to you the number of eggs retrieved and fertilized soon after the retrieval.
  • Your Egg Donor will return to her hotel to rest for a day and will travel home 1-2 days after the retrieval. She is now done with her role and we will pay her the remainder of her compensation fee.
Weeks 13+
  • Your embryo transfer will take place as determined by you and your reproductive endocrinologist. It can be anywhere from a few weeks post egg retrieval, or even years later. That timeline is all up to you.

Our Egg Donor Program Difference

Beyond Finding an Egg Donor

We’re not just an Egg Donor agency offering you an Egg Donor match, we’re here to educate and guide you through this process. Our goal is to arm you with the important facts, answer all your questions and help make your journey as successful and enriching as possible. Here’s how we do this:

Our TrueMatch™ Specialists are ready to meet you via Zoom/Skype/Phone to learn more about your needs, preferences, answer your questions, guide you or simply lend a friendly ear. Whether you’re ready to pick an Egg Donor or this if your first time learning about it, we’re here for you. 
Contact us
 to chat more.

We understand that you’re probably eager to select your Egg Donor and we want to make sure you get quick access to their profiles. Signing up to our database is free and there is no commitment if you don’t find what you’re looking for. We take great pride in keeping our database up to date with the most beautiful, educated and compassionate Egg Donors. Check out our database now.

Our services go beyond finding you your Egg Donor. After you’re matched you will be assigned a Case Manager. S/he will be with you from before your Egg Donor’s first medical appointment until healthy embryos are created and beyond.Your caring and experienced Case Manager will help put your A-Team together by making referrals to top industry professionals, communicating and supporting your Egg Donor with travel arrangements, medical appointments, payments, etc., be your support person for all your day-to-day needs and to answer any questions you might have during your journey.

Egg Donors are the stars of the show and play a vital role in this journey. This is why our Egg Donor Coordinators take extra time to educate our Egg Donors on the responsibility that they are taking on when they sign up to our program. We take pride in working with beautiful, educated and committed Egg Donors that understand the emotional investment Intended Parents are making when they choose to work with them


Who Needs An Egg Donor?

There is no one “type” of person that needs an Egg Donor. Some situations may be more obvious – for example, a gay male couple or a single male. But when a woman is part of the equation, then the reasons can be more varied. Some women need an Egg Donor because they have had an illness where medications affected their ovarian reserve, or possibly her ovaries have been removed or she was not born with functioning ovaries. Other times women have unexplained infertility – their eggs and ovaries look good and even the retrievals and fertilization look good, but there is still no pregnancy. Sometimes these women try using their eggs with a surrogate, and still no pregnancy.If one of the above is the case, the next avenue is to work with an Egg Donor – whether transferring to her own uterus or to a surrogate’s. And there are circumstances where a woman’s ovaries are no longer functioning properly, or their eggs are no longer viable due to age. Whatever your reason, we are here to make the journey smoother and hold your hand so you feel great about your Egg Donor choice.

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