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Egg Donation Costs & Fees

We Keep Our Costs and Fees Down

We understand that needing an Egg Donor can be a costly journey for Intended Parents, so we do our best to keep expenses down and make every penny you spend worthwhile.  But, no matter how kind and caring everyone is, there are real costs associated with egg donation that cannot be avoided.  There will be medical and medication fees, our agency fee, the Egg Donor’s compensation, travel, and third-party providers (i.e., attorneys, escrow, etc.).

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated costs that Intended Parents can anticipate paying through their Egg Donor Agency:

Agency Program Fee


This is the average Egg Donor Agency fee for most of our first-time Egg Donors and it includes hands-on case management which covers coordinating medical evaluations, travel, legal, psychological and genetic screenings, plus overseeing and requesting disbursements from your escrow account. This fee is paid upon matching with the Egg Donor.

Egg Donor Compensation fee

$7,000 - $12,000+

This is the average fee for most of our first-time Egg Donors. Experienced Egg Donors or Egg Donors with certain characteristics might request a higher fee. This fee will be paid in two parts: a small amount when your Egg Donor starts injectable medication and the remaining is due upon the egg retrieval. This money will be placed in an escrow account until needed.

Escrow Management Company Fee


This is the standard fee for most escrow management companies to create, maintain and manage your trust account and to make payment disbursements.

Psychological Evaluation


This is the typical fee for your Egg Donor’s psychological evaluation. Your Case Manager will coordinate this appointment following your IVF clinic’s guidelines. Most IVF clinics do not have an in-house psychologist, if yours does, this fee will be paid directly by you to your clinic and will not be taken from your escrow account.

Genetic Counseling


Most IVF clinics will require a family history risk assessment done by a Genetic Counselor. The genetic counselor will be arranged for your Egg Donor by your Case Manager.

Legal Fees


This is the average cost associated with Attorneys for both parties (Intended Parents and Egg Donor) for drafting, reviewing the Egg Donor agreement, and issuing a legal clearance.

Egg Donor Insurance


Egg Donor Complication Insurance is legally required and will be purchased with the assistance of your Case Manager prior to Egg Donor starting injectable medications.

Travel Expenses

$3,500 - $6,000

Depending upon the location of your Egg Donor and your IVF clinic, travel might be involved. This is the average cost to cover airfare, hotel, per diem, travel companion expenses, ground transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses related to the medical evaluation, monitoring appointments, and egg retrieval trip. Once you select an Egg Donor, your Case Manager will be able to give you a more accurate projection of what amount you can expect.

Egg Donor Appreciation Gift


This is a small token of appreciation that your Case Manager will send from you to the Egg Donor. Most Intended Parents like to write a thank you message to accompany this gift.

IVF/Clinic Costs/Monitoring/Medications

While these are not expenses you will put in your escrow account, you will need to factor in your IVF clinic’s fees, stimulation medications, monitoring clinic fees, etc. Check with your IVF Clinic to find out the costs specific to them.

Total Costs

Between the IVF clinic, medications, monitoring, the Egg Donor’s fee, and related costs, the agency fee, the total cost is most likely $36,000 at the lowest and up.

Our agency is committed to keeping these costs as low as possible in every way we can because we have been in your shoes. We also offer financing options to help facilitate your journey to parenthood.

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