Who Becomes A Gestational Surrogate?

Why should a woman choose to carry another couple’s baby?  The answer to this is simple, a woman wants to help a couple out that is not able to have a child on their own. This can happen due to infertility issues, illness, or being a gay couple. Whatever the reason this is when gestational surrogates are needed. The Surrogacy agencies out there are here to help connect women who wish to be surrogates with intended parents who are seeking a surrogate. 


IVF has brought about a new form of surrogacy that allows women to carry and give birth to unrelated babies. Surrogacy has brought new hope to women born without a womb, women who are not encouraged to become pregnant, and gay men. In a short amount of time, it effectively replaced the previous form of surrogacy. Many thought it was more ethical and emotionally safer than traditional surrogacy. 

Why Gestational Surrogacy?

The question of why gestational surrogacy is needed has a lot to dig through. While there are many answers to this question one is that sometimes people need help. They could have suffered an illness or surgery that makes conceiving difficult or impossible. It could be a gay couple who needs help to create a family of their own. The person could have health issues that prevent them from carrying a child to term. Whatever the reason, gestational surrogacy is something that can help them on their journey. 

Who Are Gestational Surrogates? 

Gestational surrogates, by definition, are women who choose to carry a child for a couple. In reality, these women are kind, selfless, caring mothers, who love helping others. While surrogates do receive compensation for their contributions, it is not the sole reason they decide to become a surrogate. It is a rigorous process to go through in order to become a surrogate and receive payment.

Surrogates are motivated by the joy of creating families, not monetary compensation. Many surrogates enjoy the expression of being pregnant and consider their families to be their greatest blessing.

Acceptance of Surrogacy

Historically, surrogacy has not been widely accepted. Thankfully, as times have changed it has become more accepted and understood, though it continues to be criticized. One of the main criticisms is that it leaves women open to exploitation. However, in our experience, the world of surrogacy has presented a unique opportunity for women to do something meaningful for others. They are choosing to carry a baby for others, which is truly inspiring. Many are inspired by the fact that their children are not only the desired sons and daughters, but also siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, or longing grandchildren. This spillover, and the knowledge that their behavior can change the lives of their families for generations, leads many to embark on a rather strange and unexplained journey.

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