Victory for Surrogacy in Michigan

Imagine surviving cancer and going through the strenuous, expensive process of infertility and surrogacy, only to struggle to gain the full parental rights of your biological children.


In a heartbreaking case, Rachel Lang and her husband were not included on their children’s birth certificates. Rather, their gestational surrogate’s name was in their place due to the lack of supportive surrogacy laws in the state where their surrogate gave birth.


The culprit in this case was intense Michigan surrogacy laws: criminalizing surrogacy contracts.


As a result, to change this, the Langs had to fight to adopt their twins, a legal battle that lasted about 23 months. They are now still fighting to adopt their daughter, who was also born through surrogacy.


After years of this dispute, as well as challenging the criminalization of surrogacy in Michigan, change is finally in sight.


On Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill decriminalizing surrogacy contracts as long as they adhere to normal surrogacy standards such as age requirements and previous births.


This is a major victory for surrogacy, alternative conception methods, and the citizens of Michigan. Before this ruling, Michigan was the only state in the U.S. to have laws criminalizing surrogacy contracts.


The passing of this legislature should prevent many more families from going through the awful circumstances faced by the Langs. No parent should struggle to gain parental rights for their children, regardless of the method of conception.


The fight for reproductive rights is sadly an ongoing battle worldwide that we will and must persistently fight for.


Use your voice and platforms: stand up for what is right.

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