Ukraine Surrogacy Update

War is nothing new to the world, but it’s still shocking when it happens to your home. It disrupts and endangers the lives of thousands of people. This unfortunate fate has happened to those living in Ukraine. 


The world of Ukrainian surrogacy was also thrown into a tizzy when Putin declared war on Ukraine. This action has caused endless stress to indented parents and surrogates alike. Updates are being received daily regarding surro-babies, surrogates, and intended parents who are stuck in the middle of a war. 


It is currently estimated that there are at least 500 women in the middle of a surrogacy journey. This is worrying for all parties involved. No one wants to be pregnant and in the middle of an unwanted war. 



Couples of all nationalities are fearing for the safety of their surrogates and babies. A French couple who traveled to Ukraine to be with their surrogate is now stuck running from a war with their surrogate. They are not sure how to proceed or where to go. With the missing paperwork, it’s nearly impossible to leave the country. As the war continues, the paperwork proving the legality of the intended parents as the rightful parents has been left in Kyiv. 

While some couples have made it into Ukraine, others are forced to wait and watch as their babies are being housed in emergency situations. One such situation is a  basement nursery in Kyiv set up by the owner of BioTexCom. BioTexCom is the largest of the 14 surrogacy agencies in Ukraine. They are currently caring for 19 babies, whose intended parents are not able to get to their little ones. 



The craziest part of this whole situation is the legality of everything. A few companies have managed to flee the country with surrogate babies to take them to safety. The only issue is no one is certain how this will all work out. With paperwork proving who the biological parents are being left behind, couples are facing mounting challenges. Babies can be left without a homeland and a passport. Making it impossible to legally travel with their newborn and for the children to ever gain a passport.


The question remains how or if these newborns will be able to leave Ukraine and unite with their biological parents. The typical process of surrogacy requires the intended parents to travel to Ukraine to finish paperwork, showing that they are legal parents. Now the intended parents are able to take their children home. 


This is a hard time for many and unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this situation. We can only hope that this war ends quickly and with little loss of lives.


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