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Hearing about other people’s journeys can be encouraging. We hope the following reviews and testimonials will inspire you to start or keep going on your own journey. Here are some of the comments from other Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Gestational Surrogates that we’ve had the absolute pleasure of sharing their fertility journey with.

J, Egg Donor, San Dimas, CA

Luis made my first egg donation a smooth and easy process. He took the time to answer all my crazy questions along the way and was always was there for support. I am excited for my next match and 2nd donation with The Fertility Agency.

E., Egg Donor, Santa Monica, CA

My sister was the first to donate her eggs and she was so elated to help someone else that I decided to become an egg donor too. Heather, my Egg Donor Coordinator, was so helpful and supportive – even when I was nervous about doing the shots. Thank you guys so much for this amazing experience. The money was great but the reward of helping someone become a parent was much greater.

J., Egg Donor,  Portland, OR

Who knew I would feel so great after donating my eggs. I had heard about it for years, seen ads at college, but honestly, it felt a little weird. But now that I’ve done it I can’t wait to do it again.

S., Egg Donor, New York, NY

Nothing weird about it at all! Donating my eggs is life-affirming and I feel like I have made a huge positive contribution in my life. Hopefully not my last one! Thanks to everyone at Agency for Egg Donor Solutions for your great support and communication! You are the best!

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