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Hearing about other people’s journeys can be encouraging. We hope the following reviews and testimonials will inspire you to start or keep going on your own journey. Here are some of the comments from other Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Gestational Surrogates that we’ve had the absolute pleasure of sharing their fertility journey with.

J, Egg Donor, San Dimas, CA

Luis made my first egg donation a smooth and easy process. He took the time to answer all my crazy questions along the way and was always was there for support. I am excited for my next match and 2nd donation with The Fertility Agency.

Heather B-H, Surrogate

This is my 2nd surrogacy journey with TFA. I have had the most amazing matches with my Intended Parents, and 2 different and wonderful Case Managers that made each journey so easy and unique in their own special way. There is such a personal touch and feeling you get with this Agency from the day you sign up, to even after you have given birth. I could not imagine working with any other agency, and I am so glad that I found them.

Marna Gatlin - Executive Director, Parents via Egg Donation

The journey to become a parent is an adventure to say the least. It can be scary, and often overwhelming. It’s so incredibly important to surround yourself with a talented and compassionate team that will guide through the process. I’ve always said that it takes a village to have  a baby. Without a doubt Kathryn and Lauri would be part of my village.

J&A, Intended Parents, Hillsborough, CA

We just wanted to thank for yesterday. We thought the Gestational Surrogate you matched us with was really cool and mellow. We liked her a lot and thought she was great. We were nervous going in, but you being there and helping to move things along really helped a lot. Thanks again. (Once again, we found ourselves saying how fortunate we are to have found you.)

E., Egg Donor, Santa Monica, CA

My sister was the first to donate her eggs and she was so elated to help someone else that I decided to become an egg donor too. Heather, my Egg Donor Coordinator, was so helpful and supportive – even when I was nervous about doing the shots. Thank you guys so much for this amazing experience. The money was great but the reward of helping someone become a parent was much greater.

E&T, Intended Parents, Chevy Chase, MD

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your support these last 2 weeks. You made us feel so much better and helped navigate a medical situation that could’ve been even more stressful. We really, really appreciate having space to feel grouchy but also to find solutions to move forward. This is exactly what we needed. Thanks again. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing from now on.

K&C, Intended Parents, Beijing, China

Our surrogate is all that we could ask for and more. We are so very happy!

Lynn Levitan and Lisa Brandt, The Baby Lawyers
As surrogacy and family formation lawyers, we appreciate the wealth of experience and personal attention The Fertility Agency brings to every match, which helps to ensure that their clients’ journeys and the legal process run smoothly.  
J.S., Surrogate Coordinator and TrueMatch™ Specialist

I just wanted to thank you both for allowing me to work for you. I loved every minute of it and I love our surrogates. I’m so thankful that I’m able to work for such an honest company with amazing co-workers. I am so enjoying the extra work you’ve entrusted me to do. Who knew that years ago I would be helping create families and generations? It’s really amazing!

Donor Concierge

Luis is wonderful. He often shares hard to find donors with us, has beautiful candidates, and goes above and beyond in coordinating with the donor, clinic, and IPs. I had a situation a few years ago where the clinic and IPs were tricky and he figured out all the bumps in the road with great communication and ultimately made a match.

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