Unconventional Intended Parents

When the term Intended Parent/s comes up, it generally brings to mind a young heterosexual couple. Which of course can be true, but there are many other types of intended parent/s.

Who Can Be an Intended Parent? 

There is no age limit, sexual orientation, or partner required to be an intended parent. Because you see parenthood has no limits and neither does being an intended parent.  It’s important to remember that life doesn’t always follow our carefully laid plans and age specific milestone events. 

The truth is that everyone will have a unique journey with their own challenges. If you are an older intended parent/s, you may be worried about the challenges that your age may bring, such as the question of will an agency work with me? Or will a surrogate want to work with me? 

Rest assured that at The Fertility Agency we have worked with intended parent/s of all ages and even welcome them, as  long as you meet our agency requirements for intended parent/s. We know that your story is unique and you may have spent years unsuccessfully pursuing IVF.


Things to Think About

While being an older or single intended parent/s is certainly doable, there are some factors to consider when deciding to take this route. First off, you should start by speaking with your reproductive endocrinologist to learn more about the viability of your sperm or eggs. While we all wish it were not true, it is a known fact that the viability of both eggs and sperm declines as we age. And of course as a single intended parent you will most likely need to choose a donor to complete your embryos. However it is also good to check up on your own eggs or sperm to ensure viability.

This is why speaking with a reproductive endocrinologist is such an important step to take when choosing surrogacy.

Once you know the viability of your sperm or eggs, you can then determine if you need or want to use a donor to create your embryos. If you do need a donor your endocrinologist or an agency like The Fertility Agency can help point you in the right direction of good, trustworthy donor agencies. 

how to become a surrogate motherReady to Go 

Some intended parent/s may have already created embryos from previous IVF cycles or in anticipation of the right moment to start a family. You may be able to use these if the embryos are of a high enough quality. 



We realize that this is all a lot of information to take into consideration and it can be overwhelming. Just remember that you are not alone. There are many qualified and willing people ready to help. We here at The Fertility Agency are always ready and willing to help you on your journey through surrogacy. If you are ready to begin your journey as an Intended Parent/s you can find more information or schedule a free consultation here.

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