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Intended Parent Egg Donation FAQs

Who Needs An Egg Donor?

There is no one “type” of person that needs an Egg Donor. Some situations may be more obvious – for example, a gay male couple or a single male. But when a woman is part of the equation, then the reasons can be more varied. Some women need an Egg Donor because they have had an illness where medications affected their ovarian reserve, or possibly her ovaries have been removed or she was not born with functioning ovaries. Other times women have unexplained infertility – their eggs and ovaries look good and even the retrievals and fertilization look good, but there is still no pregnancy. Sometimes these women try using their eggs with a surrogate, and still no pregnancy.If one of the above is the case, the next avenue is to work with an Egg Donor – whether transferring to her own uterus or to a surrogate’s. And there are circumstances where a woman’s ovaries are no longer functioning properly, or their eggs are no longer viable due to age. Whatever your reason, we are here to make the journey smoother and hold your hand so you feel great about your Egg Donor choice.

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