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Intended Parents Surrogacy FAQs

Why Should I Work With The Fertility Agency?

Our co-founders Kathryn and Lauri are former Intended Parents (through surrogacy and egg donation) and have been helping create families since 2004. Those years of experience have given them and their staff extensive exposure to different scenarios, expertise in anticipating problems before they arise, plus significant business experience to create a perfect balance between business and passion. Our success is based on integrity, stability and honesty. We also have a compassionate and professional team of Case Managers and Surrogate Coordinators. 

These are just a few reasons that contribute to our stellar reputation.

How Does The TrueMatch™ System Work?
How Much Contact Can I Expect With My Surrogate?
How Does The Fertility Agency Screen Their Surrogates?
Does It Matter What State My Surrogate Lives In?
How Do I Get Started?
What Things Should I Anticipate Paying For?
Can I Become A Parent If I'm Single?
Is There An Age Limit To Becoming An Intended Parent?
Can I Be A Parent If My Partner Or Myself Is HIV+?
If I Live Outside The US, How Long Should I Plan To Stay During And After Delivery?
What Does An Escrow Company Do?
Can I Choose My Own Attorney
Who Needs An Egg Donor And How Do I Choose One?
What Is The Average Cost For The Egg Donor Journey?
What Is The Timeline For The Egg Donor And Surrogacy Journey?
How Long Does The Whole Surrogacy Process Take?
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