does a surrogate mother share DNA with the baby

Does a Surrogate Mother Share DNA With the Baby?

A surrogate mother carries a baby for the intended parent(s) for the duration of the pregnancy. The baby grows inside her uterus until she gives birth. But does a surrogate mother share DNA with the baby? The answer depends on the source of the egg.

In a gestational surrogacy, the egg comes from the intended mother or an egg donor. The egg doesn’t come from the gestational surrogate – so the baby she carries is not genetically, or legally, related to her. That means the surrogate mother doesn’t share DNA with the baby.

The fact that the baby doesn’t share the surrogate’s DNA helps her to create clear emotional and legal boundaries. When the baby is born, the legal parent/s’ name/s are placed on the birth certificate. They assume all responsibility for the child.

Does a Surrogate Mother Transfer DNA to the Baby?

Some people think because the baby is connected to the surrogate mother through the placenta, the baby will get her DNA. That’s not true. A negligible number of the gestational carrier’s cells can pass through the placenta (and vice versa) but they do not impact the baby’s genetic makeup. The only way the baby can inherit the surrogate’s genetics is from the egg.

Gestational Surrogates and Intended Parent(s)

One of the reasons many surrogacy agencies use gestational surrogacy instead of traditional surrogacy is because of the DNA issue. When the baby doesn’t share any genetics with the surrogate mother, legal matters are much more straightforward.

Since a gestational surrogate doesn’t have any biological connection to the child she is carrying, the intended parent(s) need to select an IVF clinic to create embryos. Once the doctor and clinic are selected, embryos are created with either:

  • The intended mother’s eggs (if possible)
  • An egg donor’s eggs
  • Sperm from a male partner
  • A sperm donor’s sperm

To help keep clear boundaries, the intended parent/s’ attorney will create a legal contract that outlines all parties’ responsibilities. It will outline the custody of the baby.

The Gestational Surrogacy Journey

Our caring, experienced staff oversees all of the elements of the journey and helps put the top professionals in place for the intended parent(s) and surrogate’s protection. We carefully screen each incoming surrogate candidate to make sure she meets all of the requirements of our surrogacy program and the fertility clinic the intended parents have chosen to work with.

If you have any other questions about the connection between the baby and the gestational surrogate, we’re happy to answer them. Reach out to us.

Surrogacy and Egg Donor Services

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