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Egg Donor FAQs

Why Should I Choose The Fertility Agency For Egg Donation?

There are many reasons we have a stellar international reputation among Egg Donors, but if you are asking us, it’s because our heart is in it. But there are a lot of other reasons. Here are a few:

  1. We Can Relate - Everyone on our staff has been touched by infertility, either by helping others or needing help.
  2. We Care - Bottom line is, we really care about the entire experience for you - not just how many eggs are retrieved.
  3. We Are There To Guide Your Journey - We are with you for your entire journey – from our first conversation until you are back home after your egg donation.
  4. We Encourage You -  We will ensure that you feel great about what you did -- with some compensation to show for it, too!
  5. We Have Experience - Last but not least, Egg Donor agencies come and go, but we’ve been in business helping to create families since 2004. We are here to stay.
Will I Have Contact With The Intended Parent/s?
How Long Does An Egg Donation Take?
Will Being An Egg Donor Impact My Ability To Have Children In The Future?
Does The Egg Donor Actually Get All Of Her Compensation?
Will I Need To Travel To Be An Egg Donor?
What Should I Expect During And After My Egg Retrieval?
Can An Egg Donor Donate Eggs More Than Once?
What Are Intended Parents Looking For In An Egg Donor?
What Types Of Photos Are You Looking For From An Egg Donor?
Why Does The Compensation Vary Between Egg Donors?
What If I Have An IUD? Will It Need To Be Removed?
Can An Egg Donor Be On Birth Control And Still Donate Her Eggs?
Do Egg Donors Need To Have Medical Insurance To Donate?
Who Is Responsible For Paying The Egg Donor's Bills
Is An Egg Donor's Compensation Fee Taxable?
How Does The Matching Process Work?
Will I Need To Take Time Off From Work?
What If I'm Interested In Becoming An Egg Donor, But Not Ready To Start?
What If I Have Already Signed With Another Agency?
What If I Don't Know All Of The Information You're Asking On The Egg Donor Application?
How Long Will It Take To Find Me A Match?
How Do I Know This Is Real And Safe?
What Do I Tell My Friends And Family?
Will I Learn About The Outcome Of My Egg Donation?
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