Become an Egg Donor

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
Oprah Winfrey

Why Become an Egg Donor?

Before we answer and tell you about all of the benefits of becoming an Egg Donor, it is important to understand who the people that you would be helping are and why they need your eggs. We call the people that need your help “Intended Parents” because the intent is that they will be the parents. Our agency works with all types of Intendent Parents: heterosexual and same sex couples, single individuals or any person struggling with the hurdle of infertility.

Why Intended Parents Might Need Your Help

  • They are a single male or male gay couple that wishes to be a parent or parents
  • They do not have ovaries due to a medical condition or they were born without them
  • They do not have functioning ovaries and require eggs from another person
  • Their eggs are past the age of a healthy conception
  • Their egg quality is poor due to medications or other medical complications
  • They are unable to conceive on their own for unknown reasons
  • They do not wish to pass on certain genetics

Benefits of Becoming an Egg Donor

Gaining a Unique Sense of Self-fulfillment

Most of our Egg Donors tell us that the experience of donating eggs is a life-changing experience. Egg Donors quickly understand the impact and the role that they play. It is a selfless act with results that sometimes are hard for them to describe, and that's why they come back for repeat cycles.

Most have such a great experience they even refer a friend to our program.

Learning About Your Own Fertility
Receiving Legal Counsel and Representation
The Process is Quick and Flexible

Egg Donor Qualifications & Requirements

We believe that every person who even considers becoming an Egg Donor is an angel, but sadly not everyone is a good candidate. So, before you apply to be an Egg Donor for our agency, please be sure that you fit the following qualifications:

The Egg Donor Process

It is hard to believe, but almost every woman is born with about 400,000 eggs. Unlike what you were told in high school health class, each month not 1, but usually 2 or even up to 40+ eggs develop and are “candidates” to be fertilized by a sperm for a pregnancy. Each month the body naturally produces just enough hormones to allow only one egg to mature and potentially become fertilized. During an egg donation cycle, medication is used to help all of those potential eggs become a viable option to be retrieved for fertilization.

Before you start any medication, here’s what to expect after you have been selected and matched:


Do Egg Donors Meet The Intended Parent/s?

The choice is partially up to you and partially up to the Intended Parent/s. On your questionnaire you can specify if are open to meeting the Intended Parent/s before the match, and also if you are open to future communication. We can assist with all of this and discuss the options.

Do Egg Donors Impact The Chance To Have Their Own Children?
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