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Gestational Surrogate FAQs

Why The Fertility Agency

Not only has The Fertility Agency been helping create families since 2004 (that’s a lot of years!) and brought over 1000 babies into the world (that’s a lot of families!) but when you join our family, we continuously work to make this one of the most positive and memorable experiences of your life.

We provide whatever you need – we will support, guide and hold your hand through every step of this journey and beyond. We work with our Intended Parents to educate them in what your needs will be along the way, help facilitate conversations, and if something comes up that you find difficult to address – that’s what we’re there for.

How Much Does a Surrogate Earn?
Why Do I Need An Agency?
Do I Need To Have My Own Health Insurance?
Can I Refer A Friend??
Can I Be A Gestational Surrogate If My Tubes Are Tied?
Can I Be A Surrogate If I'm On Government Assistance?
What Happens After I've Submitted My Initial Application?
Does My Body Mass Index (BMI) Matter?
What If I Am Not Open To Selective Reduction?
What If I Am Unsure About Terminating A Pregnancy?
Can Apply If I Am Breastfeeding?
How Long Do I Have To Wait After Giving Birth?
Am I Able To Be A Surrogate If I've Taken Anti-Depressants For Postpartum Depression?
If I've Taken Anti-Depressants In The Past, Can I Be A Surrogate?
What If My Significant Other Doesn't Support My Being A Surrogate?
What Fee Should I Ask For On My Application?
How Do I Get Matched With My Intended Parent/s?
What Do I Need To Do To Match As Quickly As Possible?
Can I Be Matched With International Intended Parents And Will They Be There For The Birth?
Who Pays For All Of The Medical Bills?
Do I Have To Abstain From Sexual Intercourse When Being A Surrogate?
Will My Pregnancy Be Different Since I Am Not Biologically Related To The Baby?
How Will I Know The Signed Contract With My Intended Parent/s Is Fair To Me?
Have Intended Parent/s Ever Changed Their Minds And Not Want The Baby?
Who Are The People Who Work At The Fertility Agency?
How Do I Get Started?
How Do I Match As Quickly As Possible?
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