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Hearing about other people’s journeys can be encouraging. We hope the following reviews and testimonials will inspire you to start or keep going on your own journey. Here are some of the comments from other Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Gestational Surrogates that we’ve had the absolute pleasure of sharing their fertility journey with.

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Dr. Said Danehsmand - San Diego Fertility Center

Over the course of 23 years of taking care of intended parents who are on their Surrogacy Journey to creating their families, I have come across a select number of colleagues, whose professionalism is matched only by the care, generosity and empathy towards Egg Donors, Surrogates and future parents. The team at The Fertility Agency is emblematic of such group of colleagues. I am delighted to work with them side by side, to realize the dream of future parents.

IPs Phil & Todd

TFA was amazing through our whole surrogacy journey. Both Heather and Lauri provided us with critical advice to make sense of a process that was very new to us. Having an agency that supports and really cares makes all the difference. We highly recommend these guys!!

Meryl B. Rosenberg, Esq. Founder & Attorney - ART Parenting

We have worked with Kathryn and Lauri for over two decades! They are always a pleasure to work with, are professional and personable, and truly understand that the surrogacy process is all about the personal touch while at the same time maintaining the highest standards. It makes all the difference to have a true “partner” on the collaborative surrogacy journey, which you will always find to be true working with Kathryn and Lauri.

Samantha Lavy & Jennifer Strom Co-owners, JSRC Therapy

Working with Luis and The Fertility Agency is a gift. Their level of professionalism and care for clients is unparalleled and representative of the team’s respect for all. We always appreciate the opportunity to support their clients. For donors and recipients alike, we could not more highly recommend the agency.

Stanley R. Brenner Esq. Attorney - Surrogacy & Infertility Legal Solutions

I have had the pleasure of working with the The Fertility Agency for many years. Kathryn and Lauri have surrounded themselves with a dedicated team who exude competence and professionalism. If you are considering building your family through surrogacy or egg donation this should be a first stop on your journey.

Rich Vaughn, Esq. Founder & Attorney - International Fertility Law Group

Having worked with The Fertility Agency team for nearly 17 years, I can honestly say they always provide their clients with sensible and grounded advice combined with the utmost in caring guidance – as if they were family.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families (Australia), Global Director

The Fertility Agency and their team do an amazing job supporting our international Intended Parents. Our Intended Parents love how they always go above and beyond to answer every question and keep their journeys on track.

IPs Yogev & Adi

Our Case Manager, Pat, helped us with everything. We truly felt like VIPs!! She is amazing and we were fortunate to have her! Meet our precious new baby girl.

Michelle and her IPs

Thank you so much for the support along the way, we appreciate your hard work and appreciate you for helping us make the dream come true and become a family!

Eliel, Avi and Ariel.

TFA always made us feel that they are truly there for us, and as much as creating a baby can be hard and complicated, they have this unique professional and emotional abilities to simplify and make everything possible.…(O)ur case manager was truly an angel gifted with high emotional intelligence that allowed her to wisely navigate between different hearts who sought the same goal….We could have never imagined a better agency for us and we cannot find the words to thank them enough for helping us... We would like to recommend this agency to anyone who seeks a steady and wise rock in this journey. They are forever a part of our family.

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